During this

During this Character is born not thanks to our example or to manuals, but is only result long and long sequence of actions, carried out by the child in an interval between three p six years.

During this period nobody can teach those qualities, which will make character in the future.

We can only on to put training on a scientific basis so that fly could work effectively, and anybody them thus not disturbed and did not disturb them.

Only during the subsequent period there is possible a cart to work on consciousness of the child directly, with pomo I sew reasonings and admonitions.

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One is a lot of. Suggest

One is a lot of. Suggest I have pyramids.

I have no pyramids.

One is a lot of.

Suggest the child to call subjects in plural.

Fish fishes.

Nose noses.

Glass glasses.

Corner corners.

Bag bags.

Juice juice.

The sheet sheets.

Chair chairs.

Bucket buckets.

Duck ducks.

Frost frosts.

Dress dresses.

Dog dogs.

Bone bones.

Snow snow.

Tea teas.

Big small.

Ask the child to call a subject of the small size.

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I wanted

I wanted she asked the mother exacting tone.

My God her mother was surprised is similar, this morning you got up on the wrong side of the bed.

I was woken by the big opposite motorcycle which rumbled on the street when I still slept.

I wanted to have a sleep still, and it forced me to rise Annie by very angry voice told.

She considered that all motorcycles it is necessary to smash and put at the mercy to the monster who eats them.

Here, take the cornflakes, my child mother told.

They are already ready.

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In response

In response I can give very interesting example of such feeling of independence at my daughter Amanta.

She was eleven years old age when she very much wanted to prove that the opinion of mother not always happens true.

Once it came from school the absolutely upset.

In response to my inquiries Amanta scowled at me and with irritation blurted out: Nobody wants to play with me.

In translation it meant that she quarreled with the best friend.

I began to give it sensible advice, that it is necessary to do when your best friend does not want to play with you, but Amanta tore off me: at that moment it least of all needed my councils.

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However when

However when Child usually it is perceived as a receptive, but not active being, and treats all parties of his life, even imagination fairy tales and stories are told about the bewitched princesses with the purpose to develop imagination of the child.

However when child listens these and to them to similar stories, he receives only impressions.

It does not develop the power of imagination a game struktivno.

Creative imagination which borrows so high place among mental abilities of the person, in these the moments does not work for it.

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